I had a distant womb clearing this past week with Madre, and it was one of the most beautiful experiences. I felt so comfortable talking to her, her energy was welcoming and powerful. She helped remind me of my own power and of my path. The session felt profound and I am eternally grateful. I high key recommend her! Thank you so much.
— Luna Fernandez

Where do I begin! I have had several Reiki sessions with Madre Jaguar as well as a womb healing and she was my doula for my second born. It was a special birth because it was a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). All the various healing sessions I have had with Jaguar have been profound and nothing short of magical. She truly has a connection with Mother Earth and those that walk with her.

As a doula, Jaguar is supportive, gentle, an advocate for you and has a way to make you shut out everything going on and focus on “traveling” out of the room into your own magical land. She has a soothing vibe and exudes the energy of Mother Earth.

I am so very thankful to have experienced so many breakthroughs after my sessions with Jaguar. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the work and who is open to receiving some nurturing love.
— Jenny A. Pulido

I’ve attended Madre Jaguar’s Moon Lodges and I always had a powerful experience. I love her tenderness and positivity and I think people are drawn to her as a healer for very good reasons. Her moon circle inspired me to start my own when I moved to Sacramento as I didn’t find anything similar and she was very helpful with giving me advise on that when I started. Overall she cares about the happiness and healing of others and is a lovely person.
— Cristina Vasquez

I’m incredibly fortunate to have been led to Madre Jaguar by a psychic medium when I was in need of a spiritual mentor, a loving guide, and high vibrational teacher. In the summer of ‘17, I attended her Womb Healing class in the week that followed the psychic reading and the rest is history. Her profound insight, powerful spoken word, and song that I’ve experienced during my healings with her have assisted me in innumerable ways. She’s a true inspiration to the community and leads by fearless example. Her work is not only powerful but essential and so relevant. To be working so closely with her at such transformational times has helped me tap into my full creative potential and more. She sees, hears and loves each every person she holds space for. It’s a feeling of coming home. It’s undeniable. So much love, respect, and gratitude for you, dear one.
— Cecilia Navarrete

Madre Jaguar is the realest real deal and I am blessed; I have experienced her powerful and gentle medicine as a participant in moon lodge, as a student of reiki, a recipient of healing and, as we welcomed my second baby into the world, her doula client.

I implicitly knew that she knew what to do, and quite honestly would have trusted and wanted her to have been the one to deliver my baby. My wonderful doctor was in awe of her and praised her work and her presence.

Jaguar is a leader. A professional. Her compassion, and profound insight through clairvoyance and connection to spirit guidance, along with all her other myriad gifts (of song, connection to the natural world) and powerful reiki energy make one of her healing sessions restorative and a springboard for growth on a deep level. She helps us find our way home to our heart.

As a teacher she nurtures every students’ gifts and sees the power in them, even before they see it in themselves- it is this which makes me trust her, as she seeks to empower and truly lift up every being and help us all step forward in our true nature.
— Chloe Pynn