During her healing practice, Madre Jaguar channels both earth and cosmic energies - including that of your own spirit guides and beings of highest vibration aligned with you - to bring back balance to body, mind, and spirit.

Her goal is to help each individual connect with the inner power, wisdom, and magic that lies within. 

Remote & In-Person Sessions Available in Los Angeles, California.




30 minutes - $100
45 minutes - $125
60 minutes - $150

30 minutes - $125
45 minutes - $150
60 minutes - $175


30 minutes - $125
45 minutes - $150
60 minutes - $175




30 minutes - $100
60 minutes - $175

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful energetic vibration channeled by the practitioner to help restore the flow and balance of your personal energy field and life force. When your life force is healthy, your body begins to heal itself, your nervous system balances, and spiritual connection regains clarity. Crystals are used and placed on the recipient's body to help amplify the healing vibrations and effects of the Reiki Energy.


60 minutes - $175

Soul retrieval is an ancient shamanic healing practice that taps into the energy, vitality, and power we have lost over the course of our life through life events, relationships and traumatic experiences. During a soul retrieval session, lost parts of the self are identified, tracked and brought back to the body, without reintroducing the trauma that caused the soul piece to leave in the first place. Each soul part brings back a gift, a unique helpful role that will assist in restoring power and moving forward. Soul Retrieval restores the individual's soul to its original, undistorted state bringing back a sense of confidence, wholeness, brightness, vitality, joy, presence, and hope.


90 minutes - $222

Elements of Shamanism, Ritual Magic, and Reiki Energy are combined to create a holistic, Spirit-guided healing session tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Madre Jaguar gently and safely channels both cosmic and earth energies while guiding the flow of your life-force to clear your aura, balance all chakras, and restore balance to mind, body and spirit. During this session, we make use of crystal grids, herbs, essential oils, sound healing and medicine songs to help create a deep energetic shift and amplify healing vibrations. 

People often report a spreading sensation of peace and relaxation, as well as higher energy and clarity levels, during and after sessions. Follow up after 21 days to a month is recommended. 


90 minutes - $222

This is a Shamanic Ritual Healing that focuses on healing, cleansing, and activating the womb center. Whether the organ is there or not, this energetic center is considered a second heart, a place of intuition and personal power, creation and creativity. This healing session is a great way to help release trauma, creative blockages, unwanted energies and help you reconnect to your power and your ability to create the life you desire.


60mins - $150

Best results occur when you're committed to yourself and this work. You wouldn't expect to have all of your concerns healed after just one meeting with a therapist, one session with a doctor or one day of taking an herbal supplement. With that being said, some people do experience major breakthroughs after one session, but I highly recommend following up after 21 days to a month.



Ritual, Magic & Ceremony

House / Space Clearing
Blessing Ways
Handfastings and Weddings
Healing Circles
Cacao Ceremony
Plant Activations
Events & Parties



Doula Services

Birth is a rite of passage, a sacred ceremony between the worlds. You deserve a safe, empowered and magical birthing experience! As your doula I will advocate for and support the birth that you want. I will be there to offer physical and emotional support and help you deal with the unexpected!

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